Confirmation Preparation - Retreats


No retreat comes with a guarantee that you will come home ready to change the world.  People are individuals and they have unique experiences when they go on a retreat. Still, all of our retreats will provide the teens with three things:
1)  An opportunity to understand yourself, others and God better.
2)  An experience of friendship.
3)  An opportunity to take a good look at your faith and how you live it daily.
Take a chance; maybe you will come home ready to change the world, or at least your small part of it

  • Retreats at OLQA

    Each candidate is REQUIRED to attend one weekend retreat  and one 1 Day Retreat.  Retreats are a chance for our very busy teens to step outside the busyness of their lives and spend time in exploration and discovery of their personal faith and how to “live it” in their day to day lives.

    The "GEN 1" Youth Ministry program offers retreat and conference opportunities that are age appropriate and topic specific.

    • All retreats will offer spiritual preparedness for the Confirmation Preparation journey.
    • We try to offer a minimum of three weekend retreat/conference opportunities per year.  Please note that this number of opportunities is contingent on the number to teens we have registered in the program that are in need of a retreat.
    • Fall Retreat (when necessary) is offered between September and October.
    • Our 1 Day Spring Retreat will be offered during Easter season of each year.
    • Our Summer Retreat will be offered between June and September of each year.
    • Steubenville Youth Conference is an opportunity for our teens to experience their Catholic faith with thousands of their peers.  Steubenville is usually held over the 3rd weekend of July on the campus of San Diego State University.
    • The last option for someone who cannot attend any of the retreats offered by OLQA, is to contact another parish in the Diocese of Orange and request permission to attend their WEEKEND retreat.  Parents are responsible for making these arrangements, following through with all paperwork and fees, notifying the OLQA Youth Ministry office of your arrangements in writing and providing the OLQA Youth Ministry office with verification of attending the retreat.
    • If your candidate cancels their place on any given retreat they may incur the loss of the retreat fee.  The deadline for no refund is 2 weeks after the deadline for registration.
    • If there is a valid reason, with proper verification, why a candidate cannot participate in a weekend retreat, then arrangements MUST be made with the Youth Ministry Office to make up the missed retreat.  Make ups will consist of approximately the same hours that the candidates spend in session on a weekend retreat.
    • Due to the number of retreats/conferences and the flexible dates that our retreats/conferences are offered, sports participation should not enter into the reasons that a teen cannot attend their retreat during a given year.  Please plan ahead so you can be available to attend our retreats!
  • Deadlines are extremely important for participation in the retreat program.  Late fees will be applied for late registrations.  Late fees are imposed upon the parish when we are late with our registration materials and those fees will be passed on to the registrants that register and pay late.  A closed registration date will be noted on each registration packet and NO NEW REGISTRATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED AFTER THAT DATE. Knowing early in the process the number of participants that we will have on retreat helps us to continue to provide a quality retreat for each candidate.
  • Inability to pay also should never enter into the retreat/conference decisions.  Scholarships are always available for any teen in need and are kept completely confidential.  Teens themselves do not even need to know that a scholarship was provided.
  • Any candidate requesting scholarship and then canceling their place on a given retreat (except in the case of medical emergency) will not be offered scholarship dollars again.